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stellariumControl was my first "JugendForscht"-project. It is a remote control hard/software-solution to control the open source program Stellarium, tailored for use in schools and around kids. As the Stellarium UI is quite complicated and can be overwhelming for some first time users, the hardware remote allows for use of specific hotkeys, bringing up the most important functions.

π-Learn is an easy to use, free for all open learning website. You can take part in different courses with a big variety of topics. But the best of all: It is completely free! However, our strongest feature is by far the community interaction with the website. You earn reputation points by using the website and earn more privileges. Users can also suggest more courses and help edit them easily.

Hacknet UI

Hacknet UI is a custom UI for Linux/UNiX Systems following the design scheme of the popular Hacknet OS game. It is built using the electron framework, meaning that support for Windows and MacOS could be easily handled, but isnt supported yet. Hacknet UI lives atop the current user interface installed on the computer.

and more to come...